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Questions and Answers:

Q. Do I have to pay council fees as well as fees to you?
A. No. The building fees charged are not duplicated by Council. You pay only once. The fees payable for your job will include some Council fees but these are clearly separated on the tax invoice. 

Q. Can you process an application quicker?
A. Yes. As we process your application personally, we do our best to work within your required timeframes. If you find you need an application processed in a short time, let us know of your circumstances and we will endeavour to assist whenever possible.

Q. I don't know where to start. Can you help?
A. Yes, certainly. Start by either emailing or phoning to discuss your project. There are no fees charged for making an enquiry.

Q. What's the process for an application?
A. The application process varies with the type and complexity of the job. I have created a simplified building application process flowchart that may be of assistance. Simplified Bulding Application Process

Q. When do I need to use a builder or get an owner builder permit?
A. All builder licensing and owner builder requirements can be found on the QBCC Website.

Q. I have recently purchased a property with a structure that needs a permit. Can this be done considering the structure is already built?
A. Sometimes, but not always. Under these circumstances it is recommended you contact us direct with specific details for further discussion.

Q. Do I need to use a licensed building designer for my house plans?
A. Generally Yes, however QBCC licensed builders and owner builders may produce their own plans for their own jobs, for a limited range of work. More information can be found on the QBCC Website. A quote from a building designer for you to consider..."Cheap plans cost you money".

Q. I've submitted an application. When can I start work?
A. For all building work, you are not permitted to start until you receive your copy of the Decision Notice for building work (building permit). This is the official approval to commence and is issued subject to conditions, with approved plans attached. You need to review these documents before you start as the conditions of approval may affect your work or require you to do certain things.

Q. I'm not sure if I am going to finish before the permit expires. What do I do?
A. Submit an application for a request to change an existing approval - "extension of time to complete the work", before the lapsing date. This is generally the most economical way to extend the time for a permit. Contact us direct for more specific details.

Q. I've just had a shed built. Do I need to do something with the downpipes before the Final Inspection?
A. Yes. All roof water discharge is to be connected to a suitable point of discharge. This varies with the building location but is typically the street kerb & channel, storage tank with overflow connection, or stormwater main provided. You may need council approval if you want to install stormwater drainage outside of your property boundaries, within an easement or alternatively, connect to council infrastructure. In these circumstances, contact your local council for their specific requirements before you commence work.


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